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Our out of the box thinking, allows us and clients to provide an end product that surpasses expectation. From homes to high rise, mines to motorsport, the backyard to the boardroom, every customer and job is treated like a VIP. 
Powder Coating of tray bodies for mining vehicles.
Vehicles that are used in the mining industry have very specific requirements and tolerances.  At Apache Coatings we offer a service that not only meets the mining industry standard, it looks good while doing so.  Powder Coating offers a durability that is required for an environment that dirt, dust and mud thrive in, just a quick wash and it looks as good as the day it rolled out of the distributors door.  No need for heavy chemicals to keep it clean.
Corporate Imaging
Apache Coatings Pty Ltd, has worked with a number of high profile clients, helping them to enhance their corporate image to the man on the street.  Recently a client re-branded and required a complete refurbishment for their mobile workshop.  We had the privilege to work with our client to develop their new customised, colour scheme, in powder coating. 
Project Management  - From idea to end product.
​In today's everchanging world, one stop shopping is a key to success, Apache Coatings Pty Ltd offers a service to our clients for just this.  If you have the idea Apache Coatings will help to develop it, through from concept to finished product, we will work with you through development and drawing, sourcing of materials and fabricators, to the final finish and delivery of the item to you.  
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